About Us

HJD is a team of dedicated Professionals in the Marine and Biological field looking to make changes to protect the delicate environment.

In our latest project, we tackled the hazard and threat of marine invasive species to the marine ecology, economy, environment and human health. The uptake and discharge (in different regions) of ship’s ballast water (containing live marine organisms and bacteria) is the main cause of the spread of marine non-indigenous organisms in the sea. Economic impacts are severe; it threatens costal tourism, fisheries and other diverse indirect costal uses.

HJD have developed an Integrated Ballast Water Compliance Check Equipment, an automated, simple to use two-step process equipment that includes microbial sample enrichment and detection/identification. Our equipment meets or exceeds both IMO D2 and USCG standards. It is a fast, cost-effective and intuitive equipment to detect the concentrations of all plankton organisms and indicator microbes in only one sampling processing.

In other projects, we similarly harness the newest and proven technological in diverse sectors such as biological, medical and AI, to develop game-changing solutions for the industry.


Microbe Identification Unit

-Quantitatively and Qualitatively identify viruses, bacteria, fungi and distinguish live and dead microbes

Microbe Enrichment Unit

- Enrich microbes from samples of air, water, soil, food


Field Applications 

  • Ballast water discharge compliance to IMO-D2
  • Crops and animal husbandry
  • Animal and plant quarantine
  • Field work with mobile lab

Application Sectors 

  • Drinking water
  • Airborne Microbial
  • Soil
  • Food & Beverages

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