Ballast Water Compliance Check System

3 Hour Integrated Testing Device for IMO D2 Compliance


The hazard and threat of marine invasive species to the marine ecology, economy, environment, and human health has become extremely significant and serious. The uptake and discharge (in different regions) of ship’s ballast water (containing live marine organisms and bacteria) is the main cause of the spread of marine non-indigenous organisms in the sea. Economic impacts are severe; it threatens costal tourism, fisheries and other diverse indirect costal uses.

Scope and application

Currently, compliance tests are done by specific lab when ballast water samples are taken from the vessel and sent to certified shore-based facilities, taking 4 days to for the completion of compliance test. Due to the long transit period for ballast water sample, the organism concentration in the samples may change, leading to false test results. Other option are instruments for an indicative testing of the ballast water sample. But only one out of 5 requirements for D2 standards are tested (Organisms 10 microns onwards and up to 50 microns), organisms >50 micron and 3 bacteria concentration cannot be test. Coupled with the fact that these can only tests small water sample (which is not a representation of the ballast water organism concentration) they cannot be used as compliance check (required by Port Authorities).

Recognizing these, HJD have developed an Integrated Ballast Water Compliance Check Equipment to fill the void. This is an automated, simple to use two-step process equipment (which can be used without formal extensive laboratory training) that includes microbial sample enrichment and detection/identification. Our equipment meets or exceeds both IMO D2 and USCG standards. It is a fast, cost-effective and intuitive equipment to detect the concentrations of plankton organisms and three IMO indicator microbes (Escherichia coli, intestinal Enterococci and toxicogenic Vibrio cholerae O1,O139) in only one sampling processing.

Our equipment is designed for shipboard installation, and in ports. It enriches representative ballast water sample volume (meeting actual regulatory requirement), with collection and filtration unit for concentration of plankton organisms, indicator bacteria. Plankton samples are analyzed for actual live microbe’s numbers. HJD also developed a system to quantify viable bacteria in enriched sample. The total turnaround time (starting from enrichment of ballast water sample to test report) is within 2 hours for IMO standard and 2.5 hours for USCG standard.

The test results, along with the necessary substantiating evidence, will be securely stored (temper-proof) on the equipment. A tracible, concise compliant report will be transmitted to Port Authorities for approval immediately when the vessel is out at sea, and this report will be augmented by the detail results and substantiating evidence submitted when the vessel is in port. The accuracy and fast compliant testing time, is revolutionary, and will allow Authorities to properly monitor the actual standards of ballast water discharge.

* Patent Pending

Game Changing Features 

  • Automated with minimal manual human manipulation, Intuitive HMI, real-time process display
  • Small footprint
  • Pre-set selectable parameters to meet diversified compliance standard
  • Game-changing 3 hour Sample-to-answer

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